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Case Study: Alias Uses Dark Web Intelligence To Enhance Security Assessments

12 October 2022

Cybersecurity consultancy Alias uses Searchlight Security’s DarkIQ solution for its security assessment service, exporting dark web intelligence from the platform to create an informed attacker profile for each individual client, based on the real threats their business faces from the cybercriminal underworld.

Report: Executives Under Threat

26 September 2022

The threat to executive personnel across all industries has been increasing over the past few years, with a notable spike coinciding with the pandemic. This report is a case study for how organizations can monitor the deep, dark, and clear web for staff being targeted.

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Report: Shifting Left in the Cyber Kill Chain

11 August 2022

The Cyber Kill Chain is a framework for the sequence of actions a threat actor has to take to execute their attack. This report uses dark web intelligence from a real life cyberattack to demonstrate how threat actors can be stopped right at the beginning of the Cyber Kill Chain - in the reconnaissance phase - if organizations know what to look for, and where to look for it.

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Report: Using the Dark Web for Pre-Attack Intelligence

10 August 2022

Cyberattacks don’t start on the network. They start weeks, months, even years before as threat actors do their reconnaissance on their target in the deep and dark web. This report uses real deep and dark web intelligence from infamous cybersecurity incidents to demonstrate the red flags that could help organizations to stop attackers before they breach the network.

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