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The Most Comprehensive Dark Web Dataset

Searchlight Cyber gives you access to over 475 billion recaptured data points from the clear, deep, and dark web to help investigators identify threats earlier, long before they trigger detection systems or firewalls.

Easier dark web search

Access context-rich insights from live criminal activity and archived dark web data spanning over 15 years. We use advanced AI data collection methods to scrape and process large amounts of unstructured data from the deep and dark web, including underground forums, marketplaces, and encrypted chats – helping investigators and security teams easily search for and identify threats

AI-powered translation

Instantly translate data in the top 10 languages on the dark web, including Russian, Chinese, and French. Our two-way translation tool has been trained on more than 167 million dark web data points and uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to translate with the same level of accuracy as a human – even on Russian dark web slang – so you can always decipher what criminals are really saying.

Live and historic data from


Dark web sites

Intel on buyers, sellers, and goods from


Dark web marketplaces

And chatter on


Dark web forums

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Relevant dark web data

Cut through the noise with intelligence that’s relevant to your organization

Actionable dark web intelligence

Take immediate action against threats specific to you with context rich dark web data

Pre-emptive dark web alerts

Spot the earliest warning signs of attack, don’t wait for attackers to hit your network

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