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Pre-empt and prevent cyberattacks with actionable dark web intelligence

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Stop Attacks Earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain


Cut through the noise with intelligence that’s relevant to your organization


Take immediate action against threats specific to you with context rich dark web data


Spot the earliest warning signs of attack, don't wait for attackers to hit your network

Results driven

The Most Comprehensive Dark Web Dataset

Searchlight is built on a foundation of more than 15 years leading academic research into internet anonymizing technologies and the dark web. Our proprietary technology gives you visibility into previously inaccessible sources.

Live and historic data from


dark web sites

Intel on buyers, sellers, and goods from


dark web marketplaces

And chatter on


dark web forums

What our customers and partners say about us

“Searchlight makes it easy for us to create profiles and get the most relevant threat intelligence from the dark web. The clear actionable alerts help us proactively stop threats before they happen.”

Cortex Web Defender - Corey Brown, CTO

“We chose Searchlight because of the quality of its dark web data sources, which offer a unique view into dark web threats facing our customers.”

Alias - Andrew Noland, Chief Operating Officer

“We're thrilled to partner with Searchlight to bring dark web intelligence to our customers, helping them mitigate cyber risks earlier.”

NCCGroup - Deputy Head, Global Threat Intelligence

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Illuminate Threats, Prevent Attacks