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Illuminate threats, prevent attacks

Relevant, actionable dark web threat intelligence

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Once an attacker is in your network it’s already too late

Be proactive - move to the left of the Cyber Kill Chain with dark web intelligence and monitoring


Get early warning signs of threats to your business and take proactive action against malicious activity taking place on the dark web.


Cut through the noise of the dark web and curate the intelligence that’s relevant to your organization or investigation.


Data enriched with context and guidance to allow you to deliver true “intelligence”, so you can take action against dark web activity.

Our Products


Use Cerberus for in-depth investigation into dark web activity. Search live dark web activity, indexes, and stores of dark web content to investigate criminals - whether they are terrorism groups or cyber-criminal gangs - and action data with intuitive reporting and case management.

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Use DarkIQ for continuous, automated intelligence on threats specific to your business. Gain visibility of your organization’s exposure on the dark web - whether it’s leaked credentials, threats against your executives, dark web traffic or vulnerabilities in your supply chain.

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World’s Most Comprehensive Dark Web Dataset

We go deeper than crawlers alone, indexing and storing dark web content and monitoring traffic to provide intelligence that was previously unobtainable. Our customers have insight into markets, forums, conversations, actors - and their networks, posts and activity - all in one place.

Monitor Dark Web Traffic

For the majority of companies there are very few good reasons that you should have incoming or outgoing traffic to the dark web. Searchlight gives you oversight of both inbound and outbound dark web traffic from your network, where it is coming from and where it is going, so you can identify the early warning signs of an external attack or insider threat.

Who we work with

Used by the world’s leading investigators and security professionals

Government and Law Enforcement

Access intelligence that has had a proven impact in bringing perpetrators to justice in some of the world’s biggest dark web cases.


Continuous, automated monitoring of your dark web footprint including domains, assets and supply chain, to identify external threats and prevent them before they impact your business.


Prove ROI from day one by utilizing dark web intelligence as part of managed security services or to enhance security audits and pentests.


03 August 2022

Unpicking the Truth Behind LockBit's Latest Exploits in Italy


This week, LockBit released data that it claimed belonged to the Italian Revenue Agency. This turned out to be false. In this blog Threat Intelligence Analyst, Louise Ferrett uses dark web intelligence to answer some of the questions around this complicated case of mistaken victim identity including: who the real victim was, why two ransomware gangs appear to be advertising the same data, and why LockBit misattributed the ransom.


15 August 2022

IT Security Guru: Bringing Light to the Dark Web


In this interview, our co-founders Ben Jones and Dr Gareth Owenson sat down with Cole Aungle from IT Security Guru to share the story of the company so far, how our products are helping customers protect themselves from dark web threats today, and where we're going next. Read the full interview on IT Security Guru:

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At Searchlight Security, we are leading the fight against Darkweb criminals across the world. We’re a team of best-in-class security professionals, who are passionate about protecting society from the threats of the Darkweb and we hire only the very best people. Check out our latest vacancies, or just get in touch if you share our passion or are excited to work in the world’s most significant ecosystem.