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The number one Darkweb toolset for law enforcement and cyber threat intelligence used by the world’s leading investigators and security professionals.

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Our Products


Cerberus is the weapon of choice for law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the fight against criminal activity taking place on the Darkweb. It’s a world-leading intelligence platform that monitors any suspicious activity on the Darkweb, providing actionable intelligence to assist in bringing perpetrators to justice.

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Dark IQ is the world’s first truly comprehensive Darkweb cyber threat intelligence platform for situational awareness. Build bespoke company threat profiles with a unique dashboard system that identifies risks and recommends corrective action. Fast and actionable threat profiles without the need for installing additional software.

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Our APIs enable the seamless integration of our data with your existing digital security or IT systems. Harness the power of our Darkweb security tools with minimal hassle.

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We’ve got your back.

Our world leading products are used by law enforcement and businesses across the globe. We provide best-in-class security for law enforcement agencies, insurance, banking, governments, commercial businesses, and our mission partners. In a constantly evolving threat landscape, whatever your need, we’ve got your back.

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Designed to be intuitive and simple, our products remove the heavy lifting from threat research and monitoring. Our team understands the need for products that enable efficient collaboration, deconfliction and actionable data.


Our sophisticated suite of products are at the forefront of global Darkweb investigations providing new functionality and capability. From accessing hidden data to monitoring targets and the threat landscape, our powerful tools provides actionable data and automated alerts, so whether you are protecting your brand or leading a team of investigators, we have got your back.


We shine a light on Darkweb threats, providing deep insight and actionable data to reveal what the hidden threat landscape actually looks like. We use big data methodologies and machine learning to provide the bird’s eye view as well as the details.