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Comprehensive Dark Web Intelligence

Searchlight Cyber gives you access to over 475 billion recaptured data points from the clear, deep, and dark web to help investigators identify threats earlier, long before they trigger detection systems or firewalls.

Access Deep Web Intel

Access context-rich insights from live criminal activity and archived dark web data spanning over 15 years. We use advanced AI data collection methods to scrape and process large amounts of unstructured data from the deep and dark web, including underground forums, marketplaces, and encrypted chats – helping investigators and security teams easily search for and identify threats

AI-powered translation

Instantly translate data in the top 10 languages on the dark web, including Russian, Chinese, and French. Our two-way translation tool has been trained on more than 167 million dark web data points and uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to translate with the same level of accuracy as a human – even on Russian dark web slang – so you can always decipher what criminals are really saying.

Live and historic data from


Dark web sites

Intel on buyers, sellers, and goods from


Dark web marketplaces

And chatter on


Dark web forums

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Relevant dark web data

Cut through the noise with intelligence that’s relevant to your organization

Actionable dark web intelligence

Take immediate action against threats specific to you with context rich dark web datax

Pre-emptive dark web alerts

Spot the earliest warning signs of attack, don’t wait for attackers to hit your network

Stop Attacks Earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain

Benefits of dark web investigation with Searchlight Cyber

Comprehensive Dark Web Data

Access the most comprehensive dark web dataset, that has been archived over a period which spans over 15 years. Easily search and filter dark web data.


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Automated Dark Web Monitoring

Using advanced AI and analytics, Searchlight automatically scans your organization’s attributes, such as domains and IPs, against over 475 billion data points


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Powerful dark web investigation tools

Originally developed for law enforcement agencies, Cerberus enhances investigators’ ability to uncover previously unobtainable criminal activity.


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Time-saving ransomware intelligence

Effortlessly track ransomware groups and their latest tactics, known members, and victims, all categorized by industry and geography.


Ransomware Search And Insights

Proprietary dark web traffic technology

Monitor Tor traffic to and from your network. This pre-attack signal empowers security teams to proactively stop attacks before they occur.


Dark Web Traffic Monitoring

Secure dark web virtual machine

Anonymously investigate dark web forums, markets, and leak sites, knowing your identity is protected and malware can’t jump to your network.


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Our dark web investigation FAQs

You can’t defend against what you can’t see. Cybercriminals use the dark web because they think their covert communications can’t be traced. Our dark web investigation tool gives threat intelligence teams, criminal investigators, and analysts access to criminal communications across the deep and dark web – helping them spot the earliest warning signs of an attack and know critical intelligence first.

This empowers organizations to shift left and move ahead of ransomware groups and cybercriminals targeting their company and people. For law enforcement, this helps them accelerate dark web investigations with secure access to previously unobtainable live and archived criminal activity.

Accessing the dark web in most countries using software such as Tor is legal in many countries. However, much of the activity and content you’ll find on the dark web is illegal, such as the sale of illicit goods, the exchange of stolen information, and the planning of domestic and international crime. For this reason, the dark web can be a powerful source of information for law enforcement, government, and cyber security professionals – but only if they know where to look.

Using Searchlight Cyber’s dark web investigation and monitoring tools, investigators can spend less time searching for dark web intelligence and more time investigating and monitoring threats to your people and organization. Using our platform, investigators and SOC teams can easily and legally access previously unobtainable deep and dark web criminal communications on the deep and dark web.

Cybersecurity professionals often need access to Tor and I2P onions to gather intelligence and track emerging threats directly from the source. However, accessing the dark web can be a complex process, fraught with inherent malware and privacy risks, often necessitating lengthy IT approval requests. That’s where our dark web investigation and monitoring can help – giving direct access to data on the dark web, without risk to themselves or their organization’s infrastructure.

Searchlight Cyber’s automated data collection and alerting gives you a near-total picture of the dark web. We gather our data from different sources on the deep and dark web, including underground forums, marketplaces, and encrypted chats, using a combination of automated and manual techniques. We have a threat intelligence team with extensive experience in law enforcement, cybercrime, and the military, and also utilize advanced tools such as cutting-edge web crawlers and natural language processing to extract context-rich information from the collected data.

The majority of the content that people consider to be on the internet is found on the deep web. This part of the internet is not easily accessible as it is often behind a paywall or hidden behind a password-protected site, such as online banking. The deep web is comprised of sensitive information, including medical and financial records, academic databases, and government resources. While this information is valuable to organizations that manage it, it can also be lucrative for criminals seeking to exploit it. The dark web is a level below the deep web and is notoriously associated with illegal activities, including the sale of drugs, human trafficking, and cybercriminal activity, including the sale of exploits to ransomware groups posting on their leak sites where they are exposing information related to the victims.

Unlike the deep web, the dark web is inaccessible through regular search engines or internet browsers and is intentionally hidden to avoid scrutiny from law enforcement, governments, and other entities like internet service providers. To access it you need to install specific software on your computer. Websites on the dark web network Tor are called onions or hidden services and are not indexed by conventional search engines, like Google or Bing. These domains end in .onion, preceded by a random 56 combination of letters and numbers.

Any organization that would like a holistic view of their online exposure should be monitoring what criminals are saying about them on the deep and dark web using a dark web investigation platform. As previously mentioned, you can’t defend against what you can’t see. Using a dark web investigation platform gives SOC and threat intelligence teams visibility into clear, deep, and dark web sources including code repositories, social chats, CVEs, and phishing sites. Access to dark web intelligence allows organizations to uncover the pre-attack activity of cybercriminals against their organization, leadership team, and supply chain – long before it triggers a firewall or detection system – including leaked credentials, open ports, code repos, and vulnerabilities.

If your organization’s data is leaked on the dark web, you want to know right away. With dark web monitoring, you can automatically identify those threats before they impact your business. Searchlight Cyber’s dark web monitoring platform automatically monitors the dark web for attributes linked to your external threat surfaces, such as domains, IPs, and employee credentials and sends you prioritized alerts whenever they are being targeted by cybercriminals on forums, marketplaces, or messaging platforms like Telegram.

Accelerate your investigation capabilities with secure access to previously unobtainable live criminal activity and archived dark web data spanning over 15 years. Criminals don’t make their plans known to law enforcement, but with Searchlight Cyber’s dark web investigation platform, you can gather evidence and build a case on dark web criminals in one place – including those involved in the sale of drugs, arms, human trafficking, and CSAM – with instant, safe access to dark web forums, marketplaces, and covert chats on platforms like Telegram.