DNMAVENGERS is a Darknet site that focuses mainly on the discussion and harm reduction for drug users. In early 2016 the forum closed briefly but reopened later that year.

Features and topics


Similar to the now-defunct DNSTARS, DNMAVENGERS hosts the results from the testing of substances sent by vendors, such as those posted by Energy Control. This allows users to make a more informed choice of what they are ordering since they have a better chance of knowing what is contained within their purchases.

Topics of discussion

The forum is split up into two main specific categories, these are "Quality control" and "Vendors, products & markets". The first of which is where users see and discuss the results of Energy controls drug testing service. The second main section of drugs, markets and vendors contain many subsections, this includes one for each of the main drugs seen sold on markets. Markets such as square market also have their forums in this section alongside a section for warning users of suspected scammers.

Collectable data

User profiles contain dates of joining and last activity, total posts and time spent on the forum including user fillable fields where they can add information such as PGP keys. If the user is a verified vendor then a tag will appear below their username stating so, in addition to their username becoming green.


Users can choose to hide themselves from the online list during registration. To register, users must input a username/password combo and an email address, however, this does not need to be verified.

Prohibited topics

Sourcing and selling of drugs are forbidden as well as the sale of any other immoral acts or services.

The user agreement on DNMAvengers is identical to that seen on the Clearnet hacking site Offensive community. Suggesting that either one of the sites plagiarised it from the other or that the sites may be connected.

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