Apollon is an escrow darknet market launched in March 2018 that offers a multitude of illegal items such as pirated software and drugs. The site requires an account which it is possible for anyone to create one since no invitation code is needed.

Features and Listings

The categories, displayed on the left side, when clicked on, split up into subcategories giving users more precise results.

**The different categories available on Apollon and the popularity of each**

The drug category is the most populated category of items available for purchase, with cannabis making up the largest subcategory. Stimulants such as methamphetamines and other drugs such as psychedelics, are also available.

Digital services/goods are the second-largest of the categories consisting of hacked accounts and pirated software for sale. Following this is the guides and tutorials section which makes up nearly 7% of the total listings. These are often banned from marketplaces as they are often a scam or near worthless information being sold to gullible users.

Some items are banned from the market due to the damage caused by them. These include Fentanyl and any items that can cause intentional human harm or distress including any sort of child/animal abuse.


At the end of January 2020 users and vendors started reporting issues with withdrawals on Apollon, using forums such as Dread and the hub to spread the word around the community. The two most frequent user allegations are either an exit scam or LE takedown.

A member of the markets support team (/u/sator) claimed there was an issue on the market and that vendor accounts were locked to protect them, mentioning how they will be unlocked once the issue is resolved. However, all support staff were downgraded to member accounts, losing their privileges on the market. **Screenshot of Sators profile on Apollon**


(18/2/2020) Apollon is inaccessible, giving an error code when trying to connect. Forums such as dread have claimed that they are no longer under DDoS attack in the past week as well.

(4/3/2020) Apollon is now accessible through most links however vendors are reporting that they are still locked out whilst their listings are still active.

(23/06/20) The market is still accessible through its main link


Since the issues with the site, some users have been attempting to trace and deanonymize the administrator responsible.

Users on Hub have identified a post by the Apollon administrator on the forum back in January 2019 where the admin claimed that they ran sites such as the Italian market IDC 2.0 and had connections with other markets such as Libertas.do and RsClub. They also linked their current identity with a past alias, telling a user that he was arguing with to contact him at "Alexanderthegreat@protonmail.com"

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