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Learn how our dark web dataset, unique dark web traffic monitoring capabilities, AI-powered language translation, virtual machine for dark web investigations, and MITRE ATT&CK integration can help you.

The most comprehensive dark web dataset

Access over 475 billion recaptured data points from the clear, deep, and dark web to identify threats earlier

Unlock access to 15+ years of research in internet anonymity and previously unobtainable dark web sources. Data includes details such as compromised usernames, crypto wallets, IP addresses, emails, cookies, financial, medical, and personal information that could be used in a social engineering or phishing attack on your organization, people, or customers.

Live and archived dark web data

Searchlight Cyber gives investigators, analysts, and threat intelligence teams, direct access to activity and hidden communication of cyber criminals on marketplaces, forums, and hidden chats - so they can defend against past, present, and future threats.

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AI-powered data enrichment

All of Searchlight’s data holdings are instantly scanned for more than 50 different types of personal identifiers, which are then automatically tagged and indexed separately, making it easy to search, query, and prioritize threats long before they trigger detection systems or firewalls.

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unique Dark web traffic monitoring technology

Spot the telltale dark web traffic patterns of insider threat, malicious code injection, or data exfiltration

Searchlight provides automated alerts to identify surges in Tor traffic to your network that could indicate your organization will soon be under attack, enabling security teams to take proactive measures to prevent an attack before it happens. This approach ensures that your team can proactively remediate attacks rather than merely trying to minimize their impact.

Identify anomalies in your network traffic before anyone else

Only Searchlight Cyber can give you visibility into all incoming and outgoing dark web traffic to any IP address, CIDR, or domain. All with no installation needed.

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Defend against malware installation and data exfiltration

Spot malicious activity like large downloads or uploads from your dark web traffic logs. Security teams can then correlate these anomalies with other malicious activity – allowing you to look for indicators of breach, so you can take action long before attackers get anywhere near your network.

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AI-powered translation optimized for dark web content

Instantly understand what criminals are saying on the dark web with translations you can trust

Our AI-powered translation tool has been trained on more than 167 million dark web data points and uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) to translate with the same level of accuracy as a human – even when it comes to Russian dark web slang – so you can always decipher what criminals are really saying.

Understand the top 10 languages on the dark web

With in-platform translation, investigators and analysts can access precisely translated results in the top 10 most commonly used languages on the dark web, representing over 94% of non-English content. The full list of languages includes Russian, German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese.

Full context translations for dark web data

Instead of translating one word at a time like other tools, Searchlight's first understands the meaning of the sentence before then translating it into the target language the way a professional human translator would.

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Superior translation quality

Get context-rich translations that are more accurate compared to non-dark web-optimized translation tools.

on-demand dark web virtual machine

Securely access Tor and I2P right from your browser using our Stealth Browser, while automatically protecting your identity and network

Anonymously investigate forums, markets, and ransomware leak sites at the source. Stealth Browser can be used by junior and senior investigators alike and runs directly in your browser without the need for complex installation

Eliminate the risks associated with accessing the dark web

Stealth Browser makes it easy to securely access the dark web by automatically masking your digital fingerprint, allowing investigators to quickly access Tor , I2P, and clear web sites without risk to themselves or your organization’s infrastructure.

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Accelerate dark web investigations

Using Cerberus, our dark web investigation platform, investigators and analysts can access dark web forums, markets, and ransomware leak sites, directly from their browser to add to case notes and capture the true nature of threats to their organization.

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Integrated MITRE ATT&CK® mapping

All actions in DarkIQ are automatically mapped to the relevant MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Aligning actionable dark web intelligence with a universally understood cybersecurity framework empowers all cybersecurity teams, irrespective of size, to contextualize ongoing threats and respond with recommended mitigations.


Automatically map dark web threats to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Criminal reconnaissance and resource development often take place on the dark web. MITRE ATT&CK Mapping in DarkIQ helps organizations identify threats in the first two stages and respond before their network is breached.

Respond to threats quicker

DarkIQ not only alerts you to the earliest warning signs of a cyberattack but also provides actionable guidance to counter the techniques used by threat actors in different stages of an attack – helping you prioritize and respond to threats quicker.

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