More Groups, More Problems: Ransomware in 2023

Searchlight Cyber’s yearly ransomware report – More Groups, More Problems: Ransomware in 2023 – covers the most prolific ransomware groups on the dark web last year, changing ransomware tactics based on dark web activity, and the operations security team should watch out for in 2024.


Key findings from the report include:

  • A diversification of the ransomware landscape – New, specialized ransomware groups eat away at the victim-share of large, established operations like LockBit.
  • Emergence of new and dangerous players in 2023 – As new entities like 8Base, Akira, and Rhysida quickly rack up a high victim count.
  • Tactical shifts in operations – With some ransomware actors are moving away from encryption-based attacks to direct data theft and extortion.

And much, much more.