Proactive Defence : How Enterprises Are Using Dark Web Threat Intelligence

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Download our latest research report – based on a survey of more than 1,000 CISOs in the US and UK – to find out how large enterprises are using dark web intelligence.

We found that 93 percent of CISOs are concerned about dark web threats but the use of threat intelligence varies by geography and industry. More than a fifth of CISOs have no threat intelligence capability at all and – in particular – US enterprises are ahead of their UK counterparts. As a consequence, 85 percent of US CISOs feel confident that they understand the profile of their adversaries, compared to 70 percent of CISOs in the UK. US enterprises are also more than 20 percentage points more likely to identify a threat before it hits their network (75 percent vs 54 percent).

On the industry side there is also a big discrepancy, with almost all (85 percent) of finance organizations gathering intelligence from the dark web, compared to only 72 percent of oil and gas companies and just 57 percent of healthcare organizations. Once again, disparities in the use of threat intelligence and – in particular – dark web coverage is reflected in CISO’s perception of their security posture.


  • The collection of dark web intelligence directly correlates to a better security posture.
  • US CISOs are more confident that they understand their adversaries than their UK counterparts.
  • Organizations in the financial services industry are better able to spot cyberattacks than those in healthcare and oil and gas.

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