Combating Insider Threat With Dark Web Intelligence | Mitigation guide

find out how your organization can spot the first warning signs of an insider threat with dark web intelligence.

Insider threats – a malicious employee, contractor, or third party with privileged access – are a security team’s nightmare. They sit inside the perimeter, they need to have access to sensitive documents and data to perform their roles, and they have unique power to undermine the security of the organization from within.

According to recent research, 60 percent of organizations have experienced one or more insider threat-related incidents in the past year. Indeed, we regularly observe evidence of insider threats on the dark web. Employees post on forums to attract buyers in the cybercriminal community, cybercriminals try to recruit insiders, and those that have already done so advertise their “innys” for other cybercriminals to use for a fee.

This activity on the dark web – where cybercriminals believe they can act with impunity – provides security teams with an opportunity to identify and stop insider threats. Counterintuitively, sometimes the best indicators of a compromised insider can be found in signals outside of their network.

This report looks at how warning signs of a malicious insider can be used to inform internal investigations based on intelligence on who the compromised employee is, the access they have, and their motivation.

Download the report to find out:

  • Five ways you can spot an insider threat outside of your network
  • The different types of insider threats, with real-life examples from the dark web
  • How you can combat insider threat using dark web intelligence