Combatting Initial Access Brokers With Dark Web Intelligence | Mitigation Guide

Initial Access Brokers – cybercriminals who specialize in selling access to organizations to other actors – are extremely prevalent on the dark web. 


While this is alarming, their posts provide a huge opportunity for security teams to spot the early warning signs of attack because it is a point when the cybercriminals are exposed – forced to give away key information about their targets, their tactics, and even their identities.  In this report we outline the steps organizations can take to mitigate cyberattacks based on the intelligence held within Initial Access Broker posts.


Download the report to find out:

  • Details on the anatomy of Initial Access Broker posts.
  • Five ways you can combat initial access brokers targeting your investigation.
  • Advice on verifying the credibility of Initial Access Broker posts, assessing the capabilities of the buyer and seller, and taking mitigative actions.