A Guiding Light in the Dark: How MSSPs Are Using Dark Web Threat Intelligence

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To date, there has been no research to quantify exactly how many MSSPs are using dark web intelligence, what they are using it for, and how it benefits their customers. This report rectifies that.

We worked with Censuswide to survey 501 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs): 251 in the US, and 250 in the UK. We also called on some of the industry’s leading MSSPs to provide their insights, first hand experience, and expert analysis of the results.

The primary finding of this report is that there is high demand for dark web intelligence among MSSPs’ customers. While some MSSPs are already helping by providing insight into the dark web, there remains a gap between demand and delivery, which MSSPs need to fill in order to address the understandable anxiety their customers have around dark web threats.

The report also provides detail on how MSSPs are integrating dark web intelligence into their services. It shows that many MSSPs have managed to unlock new revenue streams with dark web intelligence but there are clearly more opportunities to be seized.

Download the report to learn what we found out from surveying more than 500 MSSPs in the US and UK about dark web threat intelligence, including:

  • The demand from MSSPs’ customers for dark web intelligence.
  • How many MSSPs are already using dark web threat intelligence.
  • How those MSSPs are building dark web intelligence into their business model.

Download the report for free to get all the stats, plus insight into the research generously provided by our MSSP partners.