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What I Learned About the Future of MSSPs on Our Latest Webinar

What I learned about the future of MSSPs on this dark web webinar

Two-thirds of MSSPs’ customers are asking their providers for dark web intelligence, but why?

How MSSPs Use Dark Web Intelligence

Being able to spot threats to your organization and supply chain risks is tough. That’s why so many companies trust service providers and resellers to manage this for them. The future of threat intelligence for these service providers was the topic of our latest webinar, where Searchlight Cyber’s US and UK Channel Partnership Managers shared their insider knowledge on the growing demand from customers for dark web intelligence.

In this blog, I recap the key takeaways on how MSSPs, MSPs, and VARs can “unlock new revenue streams with dark web intelligence”, meet the growing demand for pre-attack alerts, and deliver better value to your customers. Want to watch the session in full? Watch the MSSP webinar on-demand here.

1. Dark web monitoring is like a neighborhood watch

If you’ve considered adding dark web intelligence to your offering so you can spot cybercriminals in the reconnaissance phase of their attacks, but have thought “it’s too complicated”, you’re not alone. This was the most common objection by MSSPs in the UK and US according to our recently published report. But as Andy Scutt explains with this creative analogy, monitoring dark web forums and dark web marketplaces for credible threats to your customers (and their supply chain) is a lot simpler than you think – and with Searchlight on your side, we can help you avoid false alerts, like a cat triggering your home security:

2. Two in three customers are asking for dark web threat intelligence

We might be biased here, but you can’t argue with the research. We recently polled over 500 MSSP leaders in the US and UK and, as Peter Ritter shares, the demand for dark web intelligence is growing. This is good news for MSSPs. Demand is high and it’s over to partners like you to meet that demand, delight your customers, and unlock new revenue streams. By shifting left in the cyber kill chain, it’s possible to move from reacting to threats to proactively preventing them from happening in the first place which makes good business sense as it means MSSPs can document and demonstrate value based on attributes exposed and/or being discussed on the dark web. We’re not alone in thinking this way, 35 percent of MSSPs listed the ability to create new products and services as a benefit of dark web intelligence.

3. War stories: Disgruntled employees and initial access brokers on the dark web

And lastly, if that all sounds a bit abstract and doesn’t answer the question, “so what”, you need so you can make the argument for adding dark web insights to your offering, Andy and Peter’s real-life examples of threats found on dark web forums might change that. In this short clip, Andy shares the scary truth that initial access brokers are offering disgruntled employees $10,000 USD in return for basic social engineering information they can use to infiltrate companies and their supply chains. Luckily, with Searchlight Cyber the company was able to identify this request for an initial access broker on the dark web and update their security accordingly. Listen to the full webinar to hear Peter’s example of executive threat on the dark web too, where a CEO’s details were leaked on the dark web for use in a doxing attack.

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