[On Demand] Threat Modeling for the Energy Industry – Using Dark Web Intelligence to Get Ahead of Cybercriminals

Watch our latest webinar on identifying risks in the oil and gas and wider energy industry. Featuring real-life case studies of dark web threats against energy companies, and actionable advice on how to use dark web intelligence to build threat models and strengthen your company’s cyber posture.


watch now to learn about threat actors targeting the energy sector on the dark web, including:

  • An overview of the dark web threats we observe against energy companies from the sale of initial access to ransomware, and targeting of Industrial Control Systems.
  • Examples of where energy organizations are being targeted through their supply chain and how that can be prevented.
  • How dark web intelligence can be mapped to the pre-attack tactics of the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Our approach to building a threat model for the energy industry is based on the Opportunity, Capability, and Intent of threat actors.


Evan Blair - Searchlight Cyber

Evan Blair

Former General Manager, US at Searchlight Cyber

Rob Fitzsimons - Searchlight Cyber

Rob Fitzsimons

Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer at Searchlight Cyber

Luke Walker

Luke Walker

Former Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at Searchlight Cyber