[On-demand]The changing landscape of dark web forums and marketplaces

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Watch this webinar to discover the changing criminal landscape on dark web forums, marketplaces, and messaging apps such as Telegram – revealing the latest cyberattack techniques, malware strains, and social engineering attacks you need to be aware of. We’ll also explore how traditional crime gangs are increasingly moving their operations to dark web forums.


Key Takeaways

  • How to keep up with the new and emerging dark web forums and marketplaces
  • An overview of the latest malware strains and phishing techniques
  • The need for continuous dark web monitoring and archiving of intelligence
  • OCG operations for human smuggling and vehicle theft moving to the dark web
  • How law enforcement and cybersecurity teams can stay ahead of these changes


David Osler - Searchlight Cyber

Dave Osler

Head of Product at Searchlight Cyber


Threat Intelligence Analyst at Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman - Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman

Head of Product Marketing at Searchlight Cyber