[On-Demand] Policing Tor’s hidden services and dark markets in Europe (Arina X Searchlight Cyber)

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In this law enforcement webinar hosted by Arina, our trusted security partner in the DACH region, we explore cutting-edge dark web evidence collection methods and investigation techniques crucial for cyber and criminal investigations. We also hear directly from an officer who uses Searchlight Cyber in his role for a law enforcement organization in Europe.

Guest speakers include Searchlight’s Robert Fitzsimons and Felipe Portero de Oliveira, who shared their expertise on real-life dark web investigations, alongside, a serving officer from a leading European Law Enforcement Agency.


key takeaways: 

  • Gain an understanding of how cybercriminals use Tor
  • Insights from a cybercrime officer on how he uses Searchlight to combat cybercrime
  • Learn the latest dark web investigation and evidence collection methods
  • Discover techniques to defeat Tor operators and unmask adversaries



Searchlight Cyber partner organization

Rob Fitzsimons - Searchlight Cyber

Rob Fitzsimons

Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer at Searchlight Cyber

Felipe Portero de Oliveira - Public Sector Business Development Lead (EMEA and APAC)

Felipe Portero

Public Sector Business Development Lead (EMEA and APAC) at Searchlight Cyber