[On demand] Next Generation Supply Chain Security

Supply chain attacks are on the rise. Attackers are injecting malicious code into software and hardware components to create backdoors into the organization. As the Kaseya attack demonstrated, compromising a widely used product gives attackers privileged access into corporate networks. In this webinar, experts discuss the risks and threats to the supply chain security and how enterprises need to shift their strategies to incorporate those challenges. Get tips on areas to focus on, and implementation recommendations to protect the supply chain.


key takeaways: 

  • Get a guided tour of the deep and dark web, and learn the secrets of the world’s top threat actors.  
  • Find out how corporate access, and the cybercrime tools needed to steal it, are being freely bought and sold in underground hacker forums.  
  • Listen to expert advice on how enterprises can shore up software supply chains.



Evan Blair - Searchlight Cyber

Evan Blair

Former General Manager, US at Searchlight Cyber

Jake Williams

Security Researcher