[On-Demand] Initial Access Brokers and Infostealers: Your Business for Sale on the Dark Web

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Infostealers are an increasingly popular tool for collecting personal data and gaining unauthorized access. These logs are then tested by Initial Access Brokers (IABs) and the best access is sold on the dark web as entry points into an organization’s network, often for less than $10. This access can be used by other criminals to launch attacks such as ransomware against the organization.

Watch to witness this criminal supply chain in action, where we’ll show you a real-world example of where an Initial Access Broker was selling access to a government agency and a major enterprise company. Gain valuable insights into infostealers like Rhadamanthys, and receive guidance on identifying and safeguarding against criminals attempting to sell access into your organization’s critical infrastructure on the dark web.


key takeaways: 

  • How the dark web is used by cybercriminals to sell access
  • Examples where enterprises and government agencies have been targets of IABs
  • Defensive strategies, like monitoring dark web traffic, forums, and marketplaces
  • How you can track infostealers and identify breached credentials on the dark web


Rob Fitzsimons - Searchlight Cyber

Rob Fitzsimons

Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer at Searchlight Cyber

Evan Blair - Searchlight Cyber

Evan Blair

General Manager, US at Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman - Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman

Head of Product Marketing at Searchlight Cyber