[On-demand] How Can SOC Analysts Spot Threats Earlier with Dark Web Monitoring?

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Watch this webinar for stories direct from the Security Operations Center (SOC)  – with guest presenter, Tony Batten, Lead SOC Engineer at DigitalXRAID to find out everything from preventing phishing attacks, detecting malware call outs to Command and Control (C&C) servers, to investigating dark web ransomware threats.


key takeaways: 

  • Guidance on how SOC analysts spot threats earlier with dark web monitoring
  • Real-life examples of dark web risks, including ransomware and malware
  • How to decide between in-house or outsourced security services
  • How SOC teams can benefit from access to dark web intelligence


Tony Batten

Lead SOC Engineer at DigitalXRAID

David Osler - Searchlight Cyber

Dave Osler

Head of Product at Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman - Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman

Head of Product Marketing at Searchlight Cyber