[On demand] Gaining Visibility of the Entire Ransomware Kill Chain

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Ever wondered what happens before and after a ransomware attack on your network? Watch our exclusive webinar with Dark Reading to discover the full picture with insights from the dark web.

Historically, organizations could only gather intelligence on what a ransomware attacker did on their network – what came before and after was a mystery. However, the ability to gather intelligence from the dark web means that security teams can now see the actions of ransomware groups through the full kill chain, giving them far greater opportunity to identify and effectively mitigate an incident.

Luke Donovan, Head of Threat Intelligence at Searchlight Cyber, and Mo Ahddoud CISO, Chameleon Cyber Consultants combine their viewpoints of the Cyber Kill Chain to explain the entire process of a ransomware attack – including how threat intelligence can help security teams to be more prepared, spot attacks faster, and respond more effectively.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn from a real-life case study of a ransomware attack against a supply chain company for Formula 1 teams.
  • Get intelligence on how different ransomware groups operate on the dark web.
  • Find out how data gathered from the dark web can aid ransomware prevention and response.


Mo Ahddoud - CISO, Chameleon Cyber Consultants

Mo Ahddoud

CISO at Chameleon Cyber Consultants

Luke Donovan

Head of Threat Intelligence at Searchlight Cyber

Aidan Murphy - Searchlight Cyber

Aidan Murphy

Head of Content at Searchlight Cyber