[On-demand] How LEA, government, and enterprises gather evidence from the dark web

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The dark web presents formidable challenges to law enforcement, governments, and enterprises – from ransomware attacks to the sale of drugs, arms, child exploitation materials, and more on dark web marketplaces. Criminals use networks like Tor and I2P for their anonymity and operate under aliases. This makes identifying criminals and gathering evidence that will stand up in a court of law difficult – but not impossible.

In this webinar, Steven Bar, Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer at Searchlight Cyber, presents a detailed insight into the strategies and methodologies that can be used to gather critical evidence from the dark web. Using these methods, cybersecurity professionals can disrupt criminal operations and enhance cybersecurity measures.


Key takeaways:

  • An overview of the dark web landscape, including a definition of the dark web and its distinction from the surface web and deep web.
  • Gathering evidence from the dark web, how entities can unravel a cybercriminals’ OPSEC by connecting aliases on the dark web
  • Real-life examples of dark web criminal investigations.

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Steven Bar

Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer at Searchlight Cyber