[On-demand] Dark Web Threats Against The Finance Sector

Watch exclusive intelligence on the dark web threats facing the finance sector: from Initial Access Brokers to Insider Threats, to Supply Chain Attacks. See real-life examples of how finance organizations are being discussed and targeted on dark web forums and get advice from threat intelligence experts on how the finance sector can use this dark web intelligence to proactively spot and stop attacks.


  • The attack techniques cybercriminals are using against the finance sector based on their dark web activity.
  • Where finance organizations can add dark web intelligence into their defensive strategies to inform their security controls
  • How the dark web can be monitored for early warning signs that could allow a security team to prevent an attack.
  • When dark web data should be used to build threat models or undertake threat hunting.
  • How finance organizations should be building their intelligence-led cybersecurity strategies to prepare for the next phase of cyberattacks.



Jim Simpson - Searchlight Cyber

Jim Simpson

Director of Threat Intelligence at Searchlight Cyber

Evan Blair - Searchlight Cyber

Evan Blair

General Manager, US at Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman - Searchlight Cyber

Alex Blackman

Head of Product Marketing at Searchlight Cyber