Threat Hunting

Gain Visibility Into The Dark Web

Cybercriminals use dark web marketplaces and forums to plan their attacks, with the belief that they are out of reach of cybersecurity teams. Searchlight Cyber allows threat hunters to turn the tables, with access to the most comprehensive dataset of dark web sources.

Identify threats earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain

The dark web gives you visibility into the “pre-attack” activity of cybercriminals, as they undertake their reconnaissance and resource development on marketplaces, forums, and hidden chats. This gives you the advantage of identifying threats earlier: campaigns before they are launched, malware before it hits your network, and vulnerabilities before they are CVEs.


Use the Dark Web to Find

Cybercriminal Chatter

About your organization, partners, suppliers, executives, staff, or customers.


Several thousand listings across multiple marketplaces, highlighting what is being sold and on which market

Network Components

That cybercriminals are discussing or probing from the dark web.

Data Leaks

Company credentials, customer data, or intellectual property that has been stolen and leaked on the dark web.

Preempt Attacks

Discover Vulnerabilities Before They Are Exploited

Threat hunting is about pre-empting the actions of cybercriminals. Access to the dark web allows you to start earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain than ever before, giving the security team the best chance of mitigating emerging exploits and stopping a cyberattack.

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