Supply Chain

Monitor Your Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Continuously monitor marketplaces, forums, and chats for your supplier’s key attributes – including employee credentials, IP addresses, company datasets, devices, and software – to identify suspicious activity that may indicate a potential attack against their supply chain, or evidence that a supplier has already been compromised.

how do you identify supply chain attacks?

How can defenders overcome the perennial challenge of supply chain cybersecurity? In this short video we explain why the current approach isn’t working and how dark web intelligence represents a change of strategy – giving organizations unprecedented visibility into threats against their suppliers.

Supply Chain Threat

Clear, Deep, and Dark Web Monitoring Allows You To See

Mentions of your suppliers

On marketplaces, forums, and onion sites, which is an indicator that they are being targeted by cybercriminals.

Supply chain vulnerabilities

That are being developed or are already being sold in cybercriminal marketplaces.

Supply chain data leaks

Which indicate that a supplier has already been compromised, and might lead to further attacks against your business.


In what industries are being targeted by cybercriminals and what tactics they are using, so you know when to be extra vigilant on supply chain security.

Pre-empt Attacks

Identify Threats Earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain

Monitoring the dark web allows organizations to spot cybercriminals while they are still in the early reconnaissance stages of their attack. This gives you valuable time to warn a supplier that it has seen being targeted on the dark web, and take your own actions to mitigate the potential impact of an attack.

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