Security Operations

Identify Imminent Threats

SOC teams are consistently looking for context that helps them to more quickly differentiate between anomalous activity and a true cybersecurity threat. Adding dark web monitoring capabilities enriches your alerts with pre-attack intelligence, giving you the ability to spot serious incidents earlier in the Cyber Kill Chain.

Context Enrichment

Supplement alerts from other cybersecurity tools with context from the dark web, where cybercriminals conduct the reconnaissance and develop the resources for their attacks. Use dark web intelligence to interrogate anomalous behavior, and understand if suspicious activity on your infrastructure is the result of criminals’ actions on the dark web.

Dark web data

Monitor Cyber Threats

Deep and dark web marketplaces and forums

Intercept chatter about your organization, new vulnerabilities being sold, and malware being developed.

Leak sites and paste bins

Quickly identify stolen or leaked datasets that include your organization, your suppliers, or your staff.

Clear web sources

Get a holistic view of your online exposure with visibility into clear web sources including code repositories, social chats, CVEs, and phishing sites.

Dark web traffic

Gain visibility into Tor traffic going to and from your corporate infrastructure.

Remove Alert Fatigue

Cut through the noise of the dark web

Help your analysts triage genuine threats with the context that the dark web provides on the actions of cybercriminals. Our solutions are smart – cross-referencing new results against past findings to reduce false positives – so we’re helping you to understand your alerts, not create new ones.

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Illuminate Threats, Prevent Attacks