Pre-empt Ransomware Attacks

Understand how ransomware groups operate with unprecedented insight into their reconnaissance and resource development activity on the dark web. Access this threat intelligence at any time and use our platform to integrate the data, at a fraction of the cost of the static intelligence reports provided by consultants.

How can you identify ransomware operators on the dark web?

In this short video our Director of Threat Intelligence Jim Simpson outlines how ransomware groups use the dark web for multiple phases of the Cyber Kill Chain, giving defenders an opportunity to spot what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it.

Dark Web Data

Get Live Intelligence On Ransomware Groups

Dark web presence

Including their leak sites and communications on exploit forums.

Affiliated members

With an overview of users associated with a group and the ability to pivot on their monikers to find other known aliases and dark web activity.

Modus Operandi

With insight into their reconnaissance and resource development.


So you can determine if this group is targeting your industry, partners, or suppliers.

Pre-Attack Intelligence

Create Threat Models Based On Dark Web Intelligence

Use dark web intelligence to build threat models on the groups that are most likely to attack you. Use your understanding of your adversaries’ capabilities to build your defenses in such a way that you can disrupt their playbook, if and when they attack.

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