Identify Fraud Emanating from the Dark Web

Cybercriminals plan and execute fraud on the dark web, where they think they are out of the reach of law enforcement and security teams. Stolen credit card details and fraudulent goods are bought and sold on dark web marketplaces and techniques for committing fraud against businesses are exchanged in criminal forums.

Defend Your Business and Customers from Cybercriminals

Monitoring the dark web allows you to uncover criminals that are actively targeting your business or your customers. It helps you identify frauds and scams as they are developed and implement the security measures to stop criminals in their tracks – protecting your bottom line, your reputation, and your customers.

Dark web fraud

Find Indicators of Fraud Being Perpetrated Against Your Company

Data breach sets

Be the first to know when leaked customer data is available for sale on the dark web before it is exploited.

Phishing sites

Protect your brand by identifying malicious websites that are masquerading as your business.


Search forums to identify fraudsters that are discussing your business as a potential target.


Identify the latest techniques and malware that cybercriminals are developing to steal customer data from your website.

Stopping Cybercrime

Stay On Top of Fraud Trends

Dark web intelligence gives you a window into the online cybercriminal underworld so you can stay on top of the latest trends. Help your GRC team to assess emerging risks and your cybersecurity department to take a more offensive approach to combating threats such as banking trojans and 2FA bypass tools.

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Illuminate Threats, Prevent Attacks