Cyber Threat Intelligence

Dark web threat intelligence source

The dark web is a critical first party collection source to meet cyber threat intelligence (CTI) requirements of your organization. Query a continuously updated data lake of live and historic dark web information to understand your adversaries, their tactics, and their capabilities.

how can companies Preempt and prevent cyberattacks?

The dark web provides threat intelligence teams with visibility into the “pre-attack” activity of cybercriminals, as they undertake their Reconnaissance and Resource Development on marketplaces, forums, and hidden chats. This gives you the advantage of identifying threats earlier: campaigns before they are launched, malware before it hits your network, and vulnerabilities before they are CVEs.

Gather threat intelligence on cybercriminal activity on the dark web

Initial Access Brokers

Auctioning exploits in organization’s infrastructure such as websells, remote network access, and SQL injections on dark web hacking forums.

Insider Threats

Advertising their privileged access to the cybercriminal community, or being recruited by threat groups to execute their operations.

Infrastructure Reconnaissance

Cybercriminals sharing network and infrastructure information on potential victims and targeting their supply chain.

Ransomware Groups

Purchasing exploits from initial access brokers, communicating on hacking forums, and posting victims on the dark web leak sites.


Meet Cyber Threat Intelligence Requirements

Achieve compliance with ISO 27001:2022 and AICPA SOC2 using our dark web intelligence solutions, which meet threat intelligence and external threat monitoring requirements.

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