Criminal Investigation

Proven In Bringing Criminals to Justice

Our solutions have been used in some of the biggest cases involving dark web activity and are proven in bringing perpetrators to justice. Investigators gather evidence on dark web criminals including groups that are dealing arms, drugs, and CSEA, or are connected to hostile intelligence, ransomware gangs, organized crime, and human trafficking.

How do you investigate criminal activity on the dark web?

Criminals use networks like Tor and I2P for their anonymity, which makes dark web investigation difficult for law enforcement – but not impossible. In this short video our CTO Dr. Gareth Owenson talks about the techniques that investigators can use to catch criminals operating on the dark web.

Dark Web Sources

Use Searchlight Cyber to Access

850,000+ dark web sites

Hosted on the Tor network, where cybercriminals believe they can act anonymously.

100+ dark web marketplaces

Selling illegal commodities ranging from arms and drugs, to malware and stolen credit card details.

70+ dark web forums

Including those used by sex offenders to share and distribute CSEA.

Clear and Deep Web Sites

Not hosted on the dark web but are nevertheless hard for law enforcement to access, such as private social media channels, and unindexed websites.


Built for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

Our solutions were built in close collaboration with law enforcement and government agencies to give investigators access to the dark web without putting them at risk. They are designed to be intuitive and do not require technical knowledge or special software to use, helping to reduce resource requirements for law enforcement.

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