The Practitioner’s Guide to The Dark Web: 2024 edition

coming may 6 [ Register your Interest]

The Practitioner’s Guide to the Dark Web is designed to undermine the mysterious nature of the dark web – helping law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals to identify, understand, and combat the criminality taking place in its darkest corners.

The 2024 edition of the Practitioner’s Guide contains the latest intelligence on dark web sites, groups, and actors – all based on the research of some of the industry’s preeminent experts on the dark web. 


The book will be available from May 6, 2024. Fill in the form to register your interest in receiving a limited edition, gold-leaf copy.


The Practitioner’s Guide to the Dark Web: 2024 Edition includes:

  • An overview of the dark web and different dark web networks.
  • New entries on escrow and autoshop marketplaces, hacking forums, and ransomware leak sites.
  • New chapters on hacktivists, Initial Access Brokers, and cryptocurrencies.
  • “Dark web war stories”, revisiting sites that have had a major update since they were featured in last year’s edition.
  • Guidance for law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals on how to gather and utilize dark web intelligence.

Please note: the Practitioner’s Guide exists as a physical copy only so an address is required for us to send you a copy of the book.