Searchlight Security Elevates Dark Web Intelligence to Board Level with New Automated Reporting

Dark Web Threat Reporting in DarkIQ Helps Security Teams and MSSPs Communicate Pre-Attack Intelligence to Executives


Portsmouth, UK & Washington DC, US – August 1 2022 

Searchlight Security, the dark web intelligence company, has introduced new automated reporting functionality into its DarkIQ dark web monitoring solution to help security analysts and MSSPs to quickly and easily communicate external threats to executives. 

DarkIQ is a powerful dark web monitoring solution that utilizes the most comprehensive dark web dataset on the market, and the only one that includes dark web traffic to and from the organization’s network. It takes the attributes that are most important to a business – including employee credentials, software, devices, IP addresses, network components, and company datasets – and alerts organizations to their presence in deep and dark web marketplaces, forums, and conversations, which could indicate an imminent attack. This threat intelligence is specific to the organization, removing “alert fatigue” and allowing security teams to prioritize the most urgent threats to the business.

DarkIQ’s new automated reporting function builds on its existing capabilities by helping analysts to more easily communicate the dark web intelligence they discover – improving response times to possible attacks and educating the wider business on dark web threats. 

Eric Milam, EVP product at Searchlight Security explained: 

“Our mission is to make dark web intelligence as relevant and actionable for businesses as possible and our new reporting function is a huge part of that. Threat intelligence is only powerful if it can be understood and acted on – otherwise it is just noise. Communication is everything.”

DarkIQ Reporting gives enterprise security teams and MSSPs the ability to:

  • Generate slick reports with one click – with threat intelligence data automatically pulled, inputted, and presented from the DarkIQ platform.
  • Select the right level of detail for the audience – with an “Executive” report option  for a high level summary or “Detailed” report for security personnel, which includes recommended remediative actions that should be taken based on the threat data.
  • Add and remove reporting fields – to further customize the report to suit the audience by adding, moving, or removing components, as well as the ability for security teams to add their own analysis, context and observations.
  • Customize design – with the ability to brand reports and change the font and color scheme, a particularly important feature for MSSPs reselling DarkIQ to their customers.
  • Resource more effectively – with less time spent on reporting so they can spend more time protecting the business.
  • Demonstrate Return on Investment – with the ability to show imminent threats that have been identified and prevented through dark web intelligence.

Milam concluded: 

“In threat intelligence, the job isn’t done until the report is filed. This is a burden on security teams that we wanted to – and have been able to – alleviate, because every minute less they spend reporting is a minute more they can spend stopping the bad guys. At the same time, they have a better solution to deliver pre-attack intelligence with more clarity so the business can be more proactive in stopping imminent threats.”


About Searchlight Security

Searchlight Security provides organizations with relevant and actionable dark web threat intelligence, to help them identify and prevent criminal activity. Founded in 2017 with a mission to stop criminals acting with impunity on the dark web, we have been involved in some of the world’s largest dark web investigations and have the most comprehensive dataset based on proprietary techniques and ground-breaking academic research. Today we help government and law enforcement, enterprises, and managed security service providers around the world to illuminate deep and dark web threats and prevent attacks.