NCC Group launches Online Exposure Monitoring (OXM) Service to Help Organizations Identify Emerging and Potential Attacks Across the Clear, Deep, and Dark Web

thursday september 28, 2023

NCC Group, a global leader in cyber security, today launched a new Online Exposure Monitoring (OXM) service to give organizations increased visibility and understanding of their exposure across the clear, deep and dark web.

Powered by Searchlight Cyber’s dark web monitoring platform DarkIQ, OXM combines NCC Group’s threat intelligence expertise and consultant-led approach with automated alerts to continuously monitor an organisation’s digital risk and alert them to incidents such as breached credentials releases, exposed data on code repositories, phishing domains and any concerning threat actor discussions that involve the organizations key personnel or assets.

As well as reviewing incidents and alerts found by Searchlight’s automated monitoring, NCC Group’s Threat Intelligence team assists organizations with asset discovery, alert triage, threat hunting, along with mitigation advice and actionable recommendations so they can adjust their security posture appropriately and minimize and reduce total threat impact and cost.

Enhancing Managed Detection and Response Services

With a range of service tiers to support organizations at any stage of their cyber security journey, OXM also enhances managed extended detection and response (MXDR) services to give an organization a holistic view of an entire attack chain. OXM provides invaluable insights into emerging and potential threats at their earliest stage, while MXDR identifies potential threats and attack in the more advanced stages ensuring complete threat coverage.

Sian John, CTO at NCC Group comments: “Today almost all businesses face the very real possibility of having their sensitive digital data exposed online, whether intentionally or not. We have found that in many cases, organizations are often too focused on detecting threats once an attack has started, but the fact is that earlier visibility of adversarial behaviour can reduce the impact. We want to help organizations by providing them with a layered defense that detects risks earlier, reduces impact, risk, and cost – creating a more secure digital future for all.”

Ben Jones, CEO of Searchlight Cyber comments: “Cyberattacks don’t begin when a cybercriminal breaches the network – they start weeks or months before when threat groups undertake reconnaissance on deep and dark web sites. NCC Group has been at the forefront of recognizing how dark web intelligence can be harnessed to protect their customers across the globe from emerging attacks. Through our close partnership, we have developed one of the best combinations of technology and services available on the market for combating dark web threats.”

About NCC Group

NCC Group is a people-powered, tech enabled global cyber security and software escrow business. Driven by a collective purpose to create a more secure digital future, c2,000 colleagues across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific harness their collective insight, intelligence and innovation to deliver cyber resilience for over 14,000 clients across the public and private sector. With decades of experience and a rich heritage, NCC Group is committed to developing sustainable solutions that continue to meet clients’ current and future cyber security challenges.

About Searchlight Cyber

Searchlight Cyber provides organizations with relevant and actionable dark web intelligence to help them prevent cybercriminal activity. Founded in 2017 with a mission to stop criminals acting with impunity on the dark web, we have been involved in some of the world’s largest dark web investigations and have the most comprehensive dataset based on proprietary techniques and ground-breaking academic research. Today we provide governments, law enforcement agencies, and enterprises around the world with dark web investigation and monitoring capabilities – empowering them in their fight against criminal activity on the dark web.