Cybersecurity Consultancy Alias Gets Dark Web Threat Intelligence Boost With Searchlight Security

Alias Builds Attacker Profiles For Customer Security Assessments With DarkIQ Dark Web Monitoring


Portsmouth, UK & Washington DC, US – Wednesday October 12, 2022

Searchlight Security, the dark web intelligence company, is working with cybersecurity consultancy Alias to enhance its security assessment offering with bespoke threat intelligence from the deep and dark web. As a premier cybersecurity services provider, it is vital for Alias to understand what an attacker knows or can learn about each client so it can help them to build their defenses around the likely avenues of attack.

Andrew Noland, Chief Operating Officer of Alias said:

“Seeing a client’s weaknesses from an adversary’s perspective is the best way to help protect an organization. There are many sources of information that attackers use to do their due diligence and undertake reconnaissance against an organization, and trying to search all of these manually is incredibly inefficient. Partnering with Searchlight means we can automate those searches with access to clear, deep, and dark web sites, and present it back to our customers in a meaningful way so that they can identify changing threats from an attacker’s perspective.”

DarkIQ is a powerful dark web monitoring solution that uses the most comprehensive dataset on the market – and the only one that includes dark web traffic to and from a customer’s network. The consultancy is now able to set up a unique account for each client at the outset of its security assessment, input the attributes specific to the organization, and monitor the dark web for indicators of external threat. This means that Alias can identify information on its clients in the wild that could be used by criminals to orchestrate a cyberattack – such as leaked credentials, company IP addresses, and unpatched vulnerabilities. 

Ben Jones, CEO and co-founder of Searchlight Security said:

“DarkIQ’s ability to provide pre-attack intelligence that is specific to an organization makes it a powerful addition to augment any cybersecurity consultancy or MSSP’s offering. It enables them to provide greater value to customers with a more accurate understanding of the adversaries and threats they face.”

Through this partnership, Alias has increased the efficiency of its current security assessment service and is now able to offer its clients a report on their attacker’s profile by identifying emerging threats from the deep and dark web. In future, the consultancy expects to provide larger customers with direct access to the platform, so they can undertake dark web investigations themselves.

Download the full case study for more information on how Alias is using DarkIQ to enhance its security assessment service.




About Alias

Founded in 2010, Alias provides premier cybersecurity services, specializing in preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber-attacks. Alias specializes in advanced cybersecurity offerings, including penetration testing, compliance assessments, and incident response/breach management. Our staff consists of forensic examiners, compliance specialists, cyber and physical penetration testers, technical security executives and security engineers with a variety of industry, platform, and security framework specialties. Our mission is to protect our clients and communities from a growing number of cyberthreats, attackers and risks – allowing them to focus and enhance their business operations and objectives.

About Searchlight Security

Searchlight Security provides organizations with relevant and actionable dark web threat intelligence, to help them identify and prevent criminal activity. Founded in 2017 with a mission to stop criminals acting with impunity on the dark web, we have been involved in some of the world’s largest dark web investigations and have the most comprehensive dataset based on proprietary techniques and ground-breaking academic research. Today we help government and law enforcement, enterprises, and managed security services providers around the world to illuminate deep and dark web threats and prevent attacks.