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Join us on our mission to protect society from dark web threats as a trusted tech partner.

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Deliver value with dark web intelligence

Unlock award-winning dark web monitoring and threat intelligence to accelerate your business growth. Our partnership program is open to channel, referral, and marketplace partners. Contact us to learn more.

Data Partners

Partner with us to share, enrich, and integrate dark web datasets to provide SOC, Threat Intelligence, and Incident Response teams with the highest quality information where they need it most.

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Systems integrators

Do you provide a SIEM, SOAR or TIP? Let’s work together to deliver simple, safe, and secure access to dark web intelligence natively within your platform.

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Purpose-built integrations

Contact us to learn how your organization can become a certified Searchlight Cyber technology partner, improve your customer experience, and introduce new revenue opportunities.

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What our customers and partners say about us

“Searchlight makes it easy for us to create profiles and get the most relevant threat intelligence from the dark web. The clear actionable alerts help us proactively stop threats before they happen.”

Cortex Web Defender - Corey Brown, CTO

“Adding dark web threat intelligence to our offering has been immensely valuable, both to our service and our business. ”

ICyberDefence - Soumen Paul, Founder and Head of Consulting

“We chose Searchlight because of the quality of its dark web data sources, which offer a unique view into dark web threats facing our customers.”

Andrew Noland, Chief Operating Officer, Alias

“We're thrilled to partner with Searchlight to bring dark web intelligence to our customers, helping them mitigate cyber risks earlier.”

Deputy Head, Global Threat Intelligence, NCCGroup

“Over the years we have all moved from fire fighting to fire prevention, from looking after our hearts rather than dealing with heart attacks. In cyber we can now move ahead of the criminals for the first time by listening to the dark web.”

Node4 - Andy Bater, Practice Director - Security

Partner with Searchlight Cyber to transform how organizations stop cyberattacks– before they can hit their network

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