Dark Web Intelligence for MSSPs

Defend your customers against deep and dark web threats and grow your business as an MSSP partner.

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SEARCHLIGHT makes it easy for MSSPS to Add dark web monitoring and threat intelligence to their services

Get started quickly

We make it easy to create and manage multiple customer profiles from a single multi-tenant dashboard – best of all, there’s no installation required.

Differentiate your offering

Provide managed SOC services or inform one-off pen-testing, security audits, and incident response services.

Grow your business

Our team provides you with resources and guidance, on everything from product training to sales enablement and co-marketing support.

Defend your customers from dark web threats

Give your analyst team secure access to cutting-edge technology and data, enabling them to detect and track threat actors on the deep and dark web.

Spot threats earlier

Reduce the time it takes for your analysts to research and respond to emerging threats. Our dark web monitoring and investigation tools make it easy for your analysts to manage multiple customers from a single dashboard, create customer threat reports, and access over 15 years of live and archived dark web data.

Meet growing customer demand for dark web intelligence

Two out of three MSSPs say their customers are asking about the dark web. Searchlight Cyber’s context-rich dark web alerts and investigation tools make it easy for you to meet this demand and better protect your customers from cyberattacks – before they happen.

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Modeled The Way You Do Business

Strategic Licenses

For Managed Security

Utilize automated dark web intelligence in your Managed Security / SOC to pre-empt attacks against your customers by identifying malicious activity earlier in the “Cyber Kill Chain”, when cybercriminals are still in the reconnaissance stage.


Pay monthly

Pay by license

Pay as you sell



No requirement to buy licenses in bulk.

Protect your margins

Easily add a license once you’ve converted a customer, not before

Value added opportunity

Provide customers with direct access to DarkIQ or manage their profile as a Value Added Reseller.

Tactical Licenses

For One-off Engagements

Inform pentesting and security audits by helping customers to understand where they are exposed on the dark web. Enhance incident response with visibility into the actions threat actors took on forums and marketplaces in the run up to attack.


Buy floating credits to create 30 day company profiles in DarkIQ



One-off 30 day engagement with no strings attached.


Quickly understand a company’s dark web exposure with reports and insights that can be easily exported.

Upsell into managed security

Extend the use of DarkIQ for another 30 days with a tactical credit or easily convert customers onto strategic licenses

Grow your revenue and unlock new opportunities with award-winning dark web intelligence from Searchlight Cyber

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Product of the Year - 2023

Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Cyber Threat Intelligence - 2023

IT Europa Channel Awards

Emerging Cybersecurity Vendor of the Year - 2023

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Login to access the tools you need to effectively educate customers on the benefits of the value of dark web intelligence, build your professional services, and accelerate new business. Resources are available 24/7 and include marketing materials, sales enablement, and access to the latest dark web research reports.

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An illustration of dark web threats to the energy industry captured in DarkIQ by Searchlight Cybera

Our most popular solution for MSSPs

DarkIQ: Dark web monitoring

Easily create customer profiles and monitor their cyber risk score from a central multi-tenant dashboard. DarkIQ automatically monitors for risks across all of your customers, helping you to prevent costly security incidents with actionable dark web alerts.

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An example of someone conducting an investigation on the deep and dark web using Cerberus by Searchlight Cyber

Enhance your threat monitoring program

Cerberus: Dark web investigations

Get real-time intelligence on active groups that you can share with customers, at a fraction of the cost of static intelligence reports. Using Cerberus, MSSPs can identify dark web chatter around their customers’ organizations, understand their threat posture, and inform incident response investigations.

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Why MSSPs choose Searchlight Cyber

Unique capabilities built for MSSPs

Multi-tenant monitoring

Easily create and manage multiple customer profiles from a single dashboard

No-install platform

Continuously and automatically monitor your customers’ external risk profile, without having to install anything on their network.

Automated health-reporting

Easily create one-click reports on the latest threats and ransomware groups, with the option to add your own branding.

Dedicated partner program

Access to our partner portal, including everything you need to go to market and a simple deal registration process.

Dark web traffic monitoring

Get agentless visibility into live and historical Tor traffic to and from your customer’s network, so you can defend against malware installation, insider threats, and data theft.

Dark web virtual machine

Access the dark web on Tor and I2P, safe in the knowledge that your identity is protected and malware can’t jump to your organization’s live network.

Meet customer demand for dark web intelligence

MSSP Use Cases

Continuous monitoring

Identify dark web chatter around your customer’s organization and understand their threat posture with context-rich dark web alerts.

One off engagements

Get a snapshot of your customer’s dark web exposure, ideal for incident response investigations and merger and acquisition cybersecurity checks.

Upsell other services

Differentiate your offering and use dark web intelligence as a basis for service wraps including consultancy and certifications.

What our customers and partners say about us

“Searchlight makes it easy for us to create profiles and get the most relevant threat intelligence from the dark web. The clear actionable alerts help us proactively stop threats before they happen.”

Cortex Web Defender - Corey Brown, CTO

“Adding dark web threat intelligence to our offering has been immensely valuable, both to our service and our business. ”

ICyberDefence - Soumen Paul, Founder and Head of Consulting

“We chose Searchlight because of the quality of its dark web data sources, which offer a unique view into dark web threats facing our customers.”

Andrew Noland, Chief Operating Officer, Alias

“We're thrilled to partner with Searchlight to bring dark web intelligence to our customers, helping them mitigate cyber risks earlier.”

Deputy Head, Global Threat Intelligence, NCCGroup

“Over the years we have all moved from fire fighting to fire prevention, from looking after our hearts rather than dealing with heart attacks. In cyber we can now move ahead of the criminals for the first time by listening to the dark web.”

Node4 - Andy Bater, Practice Director - Security

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