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Discover how other Managed Security Service Providers meet the increasing demand for dark web intelligence with Searchlight’s easy-to-use dark web monitoring and investigation tools.

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Be the first to know when cybercriminals are targeting your customers

The dark web is full of hidden threats – but if you know where to look, you can identify criminals in the pre-attack phase. That’s the power of dark web monitoring and investigation technology – empowering organizations to spot the earliest warning signs of attack.

Stop attacks before they happen

With Searchlight, you can shift left in the MITRE ATT&CK framework and take action earlier with dark web intelligence. From the sale of initial access in hacking forums to the targeting of your client’s high-value assets, Searchlight identifies and alerts you to the earliest warning signs of an attack.

Increase your margins with dark web intelligence

With the help of dark web intelligence, our partners are able to detect external threats before they happen. This shift from reactive to proactive intelligence allows them to showcase their ROI by identifying cybercriminals in the reconnaissance stage and preventing attacks.

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Get started right away with our no-install platform. Simply add your customer’s credentials to get notified of emerging threats against their organization.

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Easily provide customers with access to automated dark web monitoring and secure access to live and historic data for dark web investigations.

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Our team provides you with resources and guidance, on everything from product training to sales enablement and co-marketing support.

What our customers and partners say about us

“Searchlight had by far the most comprehensive dark web dataset of all of the solutions we reviewed in the market, and therefore gives our SOC team the best visibility into threats emerging from the dark web. ”

Scott Goodwin, CTO at DigitalXRAID

“Searchlight makes it easy for us to create profiles and get the most relevant threat intelligence from the dark web. The clear actionable alerts help us proactively stop threats before they happen.”

Cortex Web Defender - Corey Brown, CTO

“Adding dark web threat intelligence to our offering has been immensely valuable, both to our service and our business. ”

ICyberDefence - Soumen Paul, Founder and Head of Consulting

“We chose Searchlight because of the quality of its dark web data sources, which offer a unique view into dark web threats facing our customers.”

Andrew Noland, Chief Operating Officer, Alias

“We're thrilled to partner with Searchlight to bring dark web intelligence to our customers, helping them mitigate cyber risks earlier.”

Deputy Head, Global Threat Intelligence, NCCGroup

“Over the years we have all moved from fire fighting to fire prevention, from looking after our hearts rather than dealing with heart attacks. In cyber we can now move ahead of the criminals for the first time by listening to the dark web.”

Node4 - Andy Bater, Practice Director - Security

“Many MSSPs are missing a trick in integrating dark web intelligence into their value proposition and hence recurring revenues, where they could be capitalizing month-on-month. To take advantage of this opportunity, MSSPs need solutions that facilitate continuous dark web monitoring for their customers.”

Searchlight Cyber, Ben Jones, Co-Founder and CEO

“[Searchlight Cyber]'s capabilities are becoming critically important for digital investigations, as criminality increasingly crosses into the hidden underground of the dark web.”

Markus Mosca, CEO at Arina

“Preventive cybersecurity will become increasingly important for businesses in the coming years and the addition of the pre-attack intelligence provided by Searchlight Cyber complements the growth of the more conventional protection market, such as SOC and EDR. ”

Julien Lopizzo, CEO and founder of Semkel

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