The Leadership Team

Our leadership team are experts in the dark web, internet anonymizing technologies, cybersecurity, law enforcement, and defense.

Ben Jones - Searchlight Cyber - Co-Founder and CEO - Leadership team

Ben Jones

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Gareth Owenson - Searchlight Cyber - Co-Founder and CTO- Leadership team

Dr. Gareth Owenson

CTO and Co-Founder

Charlotte Rhodes - Searchlight Cyber - VP Marketing - Leadership team

Charlotte Rhodes

VP Marketing

Jo Compton

Finance Director

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Supported by a team of trusted advisors

Eddie Alleyn - Searchlight Cyber advisor

Eddie Alleyn


Richard Wilhelm - Searchlight Cyber advisor

Richard Wilhelm


Deborah Dunie - Searchlight Cyber advisor

Deborah Dunie


Denny Lecompte - Searchlight Cyber advisor

Denny LeCompte