CERBERUS for Law Enforcement

Navigate the darkweb offline to avoid leaving a footprint or link to the live site without the need to install any software. Choose to activate images or browse without the risk of offensive and illegal content. CERBERUS can store your case information on-premises behind your firewall to keep all case data confidential. With a full suite of analytics to measure macro and local trends CERBERUS provides powerful insight into darknet criminality.

A hypothetical use case below illustrates how you could use CERBERUS to help you with your investigations:

"A new drug, Pink Diamond, has infiltrated London and caused deaths amongst party goers. It is unknown where the drug is coming from but the suspicion is that it is being bought in bulk on the darknet."

1. The Investigation Begins

You search the darknet and darknet markets for ‘Pink Diamond’ saving all hits to your case. The search has revealed multiple vendors selling the drug, but there is one with a particularly large inventory.

CERBERUS allows you to search the darknet and darknet markets without compromising op-sec.

2. Discovering Leaked Info

You investigate the largest vendor -- called ‘alcapwnd’. You create an alert for all the all different sellers so you are notified whenever they make new listings.

CERBERUS alerts allow you to stay up to date with bad-actor activity.

3. Investigating Vendors

You suspect the vendor may be advertising their services on darknet forums. By perform a darknet forum search, you find a profile that matches the username of the market vendor. Your hunch was you right - they are posting adverts linking to Pink Diamond auctions on multiple forums. The forum profile reveals a pattern of posting habits, indicating a European timezone.

CERBERUS collects meta-data that provides valuable context to your investigation.

4. Following the money

Within the market listings, you find a bitcoin wallet ID purportedly belonging to the vendor. You perform an OSINT search with the bitcoin wallet to see if the hash appears anywhere else on the darknet.

CERBERUS indexes bitcoin wallet hashes and helps you reconcile them to bad actors.

5. Analysing Traffic Patterns

You cross reference the IPs of suspected local drug dealers with darknet traffic metrics. One traffic pattern matches the posting profile.

CERBERUS traffic analysis is an essential tool for identifying bad actors in the real world.

6. Taking Action

The address is raided and a large stash of Pink Diamond is discovered. The arrest is made.

Case closed!