Andy Scutt

How to Sell Dark Web Intelligence to Your Clients: Tips for MSSPs

In this blog post, we provide some tips for MSSPs on how to effectively sell dark web intelligence to clients

dark web intelligence for mssps

Dark web intelligence is a relatively new area of cybersecurity, which means Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are often faced with the challenge when selling services to their customers. They may not fully understand what the dark web is, or how it relates to their business, which means MSSPs have to justify the value of this type of intelligence. These are my tips for how MSSPs can effectively sell dark web intelligence to their clients.

1. Start with the basics

The first step in selling dark web intelligence to clients is to explain what it is and how it works. MSSPs should use clear and simple language to explain how they collect data from the dark web and analyze it to identify potential threats. Frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK or the Cyber Kill Chain can be especially helpful for illustrating some of the gaps dark web intelligence fills, based on language they’ll already be familiar with. This will help clients understand the value of the service and the role it can play in protecting their business.

Want to see how I do it? Watch this clip from our latest webinar where I use home security as an analogy for explaining the dark web intelligence:

2. focus on the benefits

The second step is to clearly explain the benefits of dark web intelligence to clients. MSSPs should emphasize how this type of intelligence can help clients take a more proactive approach to security and identify threats before they hit their network – saving them time, money, and potential reputational damage.

They should also focus on how dark web intelligence solves some of their most pressing cybersecurity challenges. For example, in our recent report (How MSSPs Are Using Dark Web Intelligence) 67 percent of MSSPs said that their clients want more information about threat groups. MSSPs can make the case that dark web intelligence can help them fulfil this requirement, as well as other security concerns such as finding vulnerabilities in the wild that could impact their organization, identifying leaked data from their organization, monitoring cybercriminals targeting their supply chain, and more.

3. provide real world examples

One effective way to sell dark web intelligence to clients is to provide real-world examples of how it has helped other businesses. MSSPs should have case studies of how their service has identified and mitigated threats for other clients. For example, we created a use case of how dark web monitoring helped a healthcare organization identify attackers targeting their executive.

4. address client concerns

As well as selling the positive use cases, MSSPs often have to address clients’ concerns about any negative impacts of adopting dark web intelligence. Most commonly, clients are worried about cost or whether there will be any disruption to their business operations. MSSPs should be prepared to address these concerns and explain how their service is cost-effective and can be seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing security infrastructure. In fact, one of the major benefits of dark web intelligence is that there is no need to install anything on the client’s infrastructure, as the focus is on external threats.

5. be a trusted advisor

MSSPs should position themselves as trusted advisors who are proactively identifying and mitigating potential threats. By taking a consultative approach, MSSPs can help clients understand the importance of dark web intelligence and how it fits into their overall security strategy. MSSPs should also be available to answer questions and provide ongoing support to clients.

6. Highlight the competitive advantage

One final tip for MSSPs is to highlight the competitive advantage that dark web threat intelligence can provide to clients. By identifying potential threats before they occur, clients can take proactive measures to protect their business and not fall foul of the same attacks their competitors have. MSSPs should emphasize how their service can help clients stay ahead of the curve and protect their business from cyberattacks.

The value of dark web intelligenceĀ 

Sold in the right way, dark web intelligence offers a huge opportunity for MSSPs to both protect their customers and boost their revenues. According to our report, more than fifty percent of MSSPs are selling dark web monitoring right now and 35 percent of them listed the ability to create new products and services as a major benefit of dark web intelligence. By starting with the basics, focusing on the benefits, providing real-world examples, addressing client concerns, positioning themselves as trusted advisors, and highlighting the competitive advantage, MSSPs can position themselves as the go-to provider of pre-attack dark web intelligence services.

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