Uncover dark web activity

Gain the Tactical Advantage

We help government departments and agencies to gather dark web intelligence that gives them an operational advantage over threat actors and criminals. Intercept communications, uncover forums, and extract data that human traffickers, drug cartels, and terrorist groups don’t want you to have.


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Proven Government Partner

Our products were built in collaboration with government agencies to help them in their missions to combat dark web activity. They have been proven in some of the world’s largest investigations involving the dark web.

Collaborate across departments

Securely share information in joint task-forces with collaborative features built into our products. Coordinate across multiple investigations with target deconfliction features built into the platform.

Solving Your Challenges

Identify threat actors

With access to the profiles of users that are active on dark web sites.

Monitor for public or government data leaks

So you can quickly identify compromised assets and mitigate the impact of any breach on citizens.

Access closed sources

Including obfuscated forums and encrypted communications.

Automate the monitoring of criminal entities

Operating on the dark web, helping you cover more ground online than ever before.

Investigate clandestine activity in the cyber realm

Including the sale of arms, drugs, CSAE, and human trafficking in deep and dark web marketplaces.

Create consistent policies and protocols

By using our products' case management features for data collection and retention.

Built for government


Built to be used by government and law enforcement personnel without technical expertise, so you can quickly onboard your team and make a standard operating procedure for dark web investigations.


Gain immediate access to thousands of dark web sites, including historic data that has been indexed over 10 years and is easily searchable.


Gain the upper hand over cybercriminals without putting your people or infrastructure at risk, with a safe environment for them to pursue investigations on the dark web without having to interact with live sites.

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Illuminate Threats, Prevent Attacks