Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of software is CERBERUS?

CERBERUS is a web application that is accessed through a web browser. Each user has a login credentials that allow them to access the features of CERBERUS.

All connections to CERBERUS are made over secure SSL.

How and where is sensitive case data stored?

By default, we store all CERBERUS case data within the Searchlight Security network infrastructure.

However, we appreciate that for some applications you may have a legal requirements to store data within your own network. CERBERUS has been built with this in mind, and can easily be adapted to give you absolute ownership over your case data.

Is CERBERUS proprietary technology?

While CERBERUS uses many open source libraries and API's within our tech stack, the primary technology that enables our capabilities is proprietary. Our feature set is unmatched within the cybersecurity space.

How is CERBERUS licensed?

CERBERUS is licensed on a per-seat basis. One license provides you with one login to CERBERUS. Please get in touch to further discuss lisencing and your requirements.

Who uses CERBERUS?

CERBERUS is used worldwide by both Law Enforcement organisations and private firms. Due to the sensitive nature of the cybersecurity industry we cannot publically publish a list of our clients, bu if you'd like to hear more about some of success stories please get in touch.