Forensic Services

Searchlight Security Ltd have developed an intricate knowledge of the darknet and a powerful tool set that can be used to enhance CERBERUS.

Custom Reporting

Searchlight can build automated custom darknet reports and dashboards tailored to your requirements.

Tactical Operational Support

Our team of darknet experts are available to support your law enforcement operations and investigations.

Forensic Tools

Our development experts will work with you to deliver a custom and powerful solution to fit your requirements.

Bespoke Integration

Our experts can build APIs and analytics to integrate with you systems and processes.

At Searchlight we recognise that there is not a single silver bullet for cyber security - to fully protect a system one needs a full arsenal.

Searchlight Forensic Use Cases

Darknet Command and Control Servers

Searchlight Security has technology that scans for suspicious pages. An example could be an automated carding bot that brute forces cvv, expiry dates and even PINs just using the 16 digit card number. We can help find these pages interrupt the attack and help attribute the server being used. This type of investigation can not be fully automated and requires an analyst with detailed knowledge of the darknet.

Searchlight Security can provide the skills and tools needed to help protect you against such attacks.

Operational Support

Searchlight Security has developed a knowledge base of the darknet and a deep understanding of how it works. We understand that it is not always possible to develop this specialist skill set within an organisation. We have extensive experience and can supplement your capabilities by providing technical consultation and support. We will work with your experts to combine our capabilities for maximum impact.

Custom Tools

It is possible for Searchlight Security to help you stand out from the competition. Our computer scientists and developers can help you build a custom tool to add value to your business. Whether it be an automated report, custom API or intelligence report, we can help you deliver.

Examples include cyber risk reporting, child protection and cryptocurrency monitoring.