Dark Web Monitoring for the Finance Sector

Be the first to know when cybercriminals on the dark web are actively targeting your financial company, supply chain partners, and executives/VIPs.

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A growing risk

99% of CISOs in financial services companies are concerned about dark web threats.

Source: Proactive defense – How enterprises are using dark web threat intelligence

Searchlight Cyber can help. We give security professionals secure access to the dark web to investigate and monitor emerging threats while keeping their identity and your network safe.

Leaked credentials and phishing sites

Counter financial crimes

Stay ahead of cybercriminals by identifying vulnerabilities in your financial organization before they do. Receive automatic alerts about imminent threats and take action to prevent cyber attacks such as phishing, ransomware, or 2FA bypass, and protect your information and people from potential risks.

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Dark web traffic monitoring

Spot insider threats

Spot employees communicating on the dark web, confidential data being leaked on forums, or the telltale sign of network traffic to the dark web.

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Supply chain risk management

Monitor Third Party Vendors

Gain visibility into the exposure of your vendors and supply chain partners so you can conduct formal third-party assessments and see what cybercriminals are planning before they impact your financial business.

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Prevent data leaks

Help your fraud teams be the first on the scene with context-rich alerts and investigative access to where your credentials are being discussed and shared by ransomware groups and criminals in dark web forums.

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Benefits for the financial sector

How Searchlight supports financial services companies

Spot suspicious dark web traffic to your networks

Monitor live Tor traffic to and from your network to spot reconnaissance and insider threats with Searchlight Cyber’s proprietary techniques developed by world-leading researchers.

Enhance your existing cybersecurity defenses

Analyze dark web activity for your company, its subsidiaries, and supply chain partners under a single account, expanding your defensive radar without exhausting your manpower.

Know critical threat intelligence first

Empower your cybersecurity team to safely investigate live dark web sites, accessing previously unobtainable intelligence without risking your infrastructure by directly engaging with the live sites.


Stop executive/VIP threats

Executives’ and high net-worth individuals’ personal information can often be found on dark web forums, paste bins, or dox sites without them knowing. Searchlight Cyber is your secret weapon for proactively detecting and mitigating this risk to your people.

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Partner with us to unlock over 15 years of dark web expertise, research, and intelligence to enhance your oil and gas organization’s threat monitoring and prevention capabilities.

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Meet regulatory requirements

Searchlight Cyber is committed to the highest standards of risk management and helping organizations meet different compliance requirements.

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Excellent service. Great tool for breach investigation.

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Unique high-tech offering yet with people who are easy to work with.

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An amazing resource for conducting breach investigations.

— Digital marketing Analyst

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