Escrow Marketplaces


Active Since

July 2020 (Inactive since September 2023)

Approximate number of listings in 2023


Approximate number of vendors in 2023


Clear web or dark web

Dark web

Predominant languages

English, Spanish

Known Admins / Staff

Needsadesigner, Geth, Sundec

In September 2023 the Tor2Door site – at the time one of the biggest and longest standing marketplaces – closed.

Its administrators were unresponsive and, due to a lack of law enforcement announcement about a take down, it is widely believed that the operators have exit-scammed.

As well as being a market for drugs, Tor2Door was also an active market for fraud and cybercriminal activity. On the financial side, this included the sale of “fullz” (which is slang for the “full” packet of financial and personal data you would need to commit fraud against an individual), “high balance credit cards”, and even unbranded gold bars (which the vendor claimed to have 99 percent purity – but are probably a scam).

On the cybercrime side, we observed the sale of guides on hacking email accounts, bypassing 2FA, and the “Ultimate Botnet Guide” for sale for the Bitcoin equivalent of $5.

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