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April 2017 (seized April 2023)

Dark Web or Clear Web?

Dark web and clear web

On April 5 2023, the Genesis market was seized as part of the international law enforcement crackdown dubbed “Operation Cookie Monster“.

The operators tried to continue the site solely on Tor but it suffered from setbacks – including a ban from Exploit forum (which had been a key communication and customer service channel for the site) and a drop in bot quality (as alleged by users).

In June it was announced on the forum club2crd that the admins were selling the entire platform (source code, database, infrastructure, etc.) and in July a buyer had been found. Shortly after the deal closed the site went offline and is yet to return.

Genesis had specialized in “browser fingerprints”, which are harvested from computers that have been infected with infostealer malware and often include credentials, payment data, cookies, browsers in use, IP addresses, user-agent strings and operating system details. This information can be used by criminals to bypass anti-fraud solutions (such as MFA or device fingerprinting) by making the browser session appear identical to the victim’s.

At the time it was seized, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) Estimated that the market hosted about 80 million credentials and digital fingerprints stolen from more than two million people.

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