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pompompurin, Baphomet

BreachForums was launched in March 2022 as the successor to RaidForums, which was seized in the early 2022 operation “TOURNIQUET”, a complex law enforcement effort coordinated by Europol that led to the forum’s administrator and two of his accomplices being arrested.

Like its predecessor, BreachForums specialized in trading leaked databases and other cybercrime, with its users sharing exploits, tips, and tools. Also like its predecessor, BreachForums quickly ran into trouble with law enforcement.

It was shut down in March 2023 by its surviving administrator Baphomet, following the arrest of an individual identified as pompompurin. However, even now, Baphomet appears intent on creating another incarnation in the Raid/Breached saga to house its now-dispersed community.

update june 2023

BreachForums – the infamous hub for leaked database trading – has re-emerged, albeit under new ownership and on a new domain. Following the arrest of its chief administrator pompompurin in March, BreachForums was preemptively taken offline in an attempt to avoid seizure by law enforcement. The ensuing months saw several cybercrime forums – old and new – attempt to fill the gap in the illicit online market with limited success.

However, in June the acting head administrator of the original site, Baphomet, announced the return of BreachForums via PGP-signed message on Telegram. While this iteration is mostly staffed by veteran BreachForums administrators and moderators, one notable difference is ownership of the forum belonging to ShinyHunters, a hacking collective responsible for numerous high-profile breaches since 2020 including Tokopedia, Wattpad and Animal Jam.

Whilst the credibility of this new incarnation of BreachForums is still being questioned, this has not stopped over 4,000 users signing up to the platform in the first week. The relaunch is already living up to BreachForums’ drama-filled reputation, as owner ShinyHunters confessed on Monday afternoon (June 19) that rumors of a leak of the site’s own user database were in fact legitimate, attributing the hack to a rival forum owner.

Update October 2023

After an initial difficult period (including database theft and leak by rival forum, suspicion of being a fed honeypot, unreliable uptime) the latest iteration of BreachForums has now reclaimed its position as the top forum for leaked database trading, as evidenced by the forum having the highest number of active users last month. Much of the userbase has turned against the previous administrator pompompurin after the charges against him included child pornography possession.

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