Top five escrow marketplaces


New Listings (Past Year)


Active Vendors (Past Year)


Dark Web Networks

Tor, I2P

Known Admins

Bohemia, BohemiaDionysus, BohemiaAres, BohemiaIkdev, BohemiaNorth

“Bohemia is primarily a drugs market skewing heavily towards cannabis”

Launched in May 2021, Bohemia is primarily a drugs market skewing heavily towards cannabis – the site also has a sister market dedicated solely to cannabis products. However, its listings also include counterfeit items such as identification cards and banknote forgeries, as well as a small number of advertisements for exploits and malware.

Update October 2023:

Since the closure of AlphaBay, ASAP, and Tor2Door, Bohemia has had an influx of new users as the next largest, most established market. It appears to have struggled with increased demand, experiencing downtime that could have been the result of its infrastructure not being ready to support so many new visitors. Its downtime and sporadic issues with withdrawing funds have led some users to speculate that it will be the next market to exit scam.

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