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Tor, Clear Web

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February 2022

“In spite of the use of his name and image, It is highly unlikely That Bidencash is associated with the president of the United States.”

BidenCash specializes in payment card data, commonly differentiated in cybercrime circles as either CVVs (the
data needed to make fraudulent e-commerce purchases), dumps (the raw magnetic strip data needed to manufacture fake or “cloned” cards), or fullz, sourced from a number of “bases” (databases).

BidenCash listings vary in level of completeness, with most including the card’s BIN, security code, expiry date, and type (e.g. Visa or Mastercard, credit or debit). Some also include associated PII such as the DOB, SSN, phone number, email and physical address of the victim. BidenCash has released several free bases on underground forums as promotional material.

In spite of the use of his name and image, it is highly unlikely to be associated with the president of the United States. In fact, it is probably a reference to Trump’s Dumps, a predecessor that used former President Donald Trump’s likeness and was estimated to have made about $4.1 million before being seized by Russian authorities in February 2022. BidenCash was launched later that month.

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