Escrow Marketplaces


Active Since

March 2020 (Inactive since July 2023)

Approximate Number of Listings in 2023


Approximate Number of Vendors in 2023


Clear web or dark web

Dark web

Predominant Languages

English, French

Known Admins / Staff

Aseanmarket, AStrike, LeChacal, Kreed

ASAP was originally launched in March 2020 as ASEAN, before rebranding in October 2020.

In July 2023, after an impressive three year run, ASAP’s administrator announced on the dark web forum Dread that the marketplace was retiring and urged users to withdraw their coins. As ASAP was the biggest market by listing volume and fourth biggest by number of vendors, it left a big gap to fill.

The types of advertisements we observed on ASAP included drugs (predominantly stimulants and cannabis), fraud resources, and credit card details. Some vendors also sold cybercriminal goods and services including stolen login credentials, hacking tutorials, and “hackers for hire”.

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