Top five escrow marketplaces


New Listings (Per Year):


Active Vendors (Per Year):


Dark Web Networks:


Predominant Language:


Known Admins:

Aseanmarket, AStrike, LeChacal, Kreed

ASAP was originally launched in March 2020 as ASEAN, before rebranding in October 2020. The fact that it is the oldest marketplace on this list demonstrates the tumultuous nature of escrow markets.

The types of advertisements we observe on ASAP include drugs (predominantly stimulants and cannabis), fraud resources, and credit card details. However, vendors also sell cybercriminal goods and services including stolen login credentials, hacking tutorials, and “hackers for hire”.

With AlphaBay gone, ASAP is now the biggest marketplace in terms of number of listings and the number of vendors.

Some dark web users speculate that ASAP is currently a “ghost ship” market; technically functional, but with no active staff members to resolve disputes or ban scammers. This position is somewhat backed up by data showing a sudden spike in the number of new listings since the beginning of 2023, which can indicate scam listings are able to be posted with impunity.

Update July 2023:

After an impressive three year run, ASAP’s administrator announced on the dark web forum Dread that the marketplace was retiring and urged users to withdraw their coins. As ASAP was the biggest market by listing volume and second biggest by number of vendors it left a big gap to fill.

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