Dark Web Monitoring for Your Supply Chain

Stay secure (even when your supply chain isn’t) with actionable dark web alerts.

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Supply Chain Security is part of DarkIQ, a powerful tool that alerts you to imminent threats to your organization and your suppliers.

62% of system intrusions last year involved the supply chain

Verizon DBIR

Only 32% of CISOs that gather dark web data use it to monitor for attacks against their supply chain

Searchlight Cyber

66% of risk professionals don’t trust vendor responses to traditional assessment questionnaires

CSO Online

Multi-tenant architecture in DarkIQ - dark web monitoring for business and MSSP

Supply Chain Health Dashboard

Monitor the cyber risk score for your most critical supplier network from a central multi-tenant dashboard. The dashboard gives analysts an easy-to-understand overall risk score, with the ability to individually explore and manage risks within each profile.

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Rapid deployment

Quickly add supply chain profiles without having to install anything on your supplier’s network – instantly enhancing your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program. Once added, Supply Chain Security, immediately scans for threats against your most critical suppliers.

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DarkIQ dashboard alert - Find dark web indicators of a breach that might leave you exposed to further attacks - Searchlight Cyber

Automated Smart Alerts

Supply Chain Security continuously monitors the dark web for the earliest signs of criminals targeting your third-party partners. It automatically collects and categorizes context-rich data, allowing your team can focus on the real threats.

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Woman analyst using the DarkIQ dark web monitoring platform by Searchlight Cyber

Critical dark web intelligence

Gain visibility into the dark web exposure of suppliers and cybercriminals targeting third parties, including leaked credentials, ransomware actions, open ports, vulnerabilities, and suspicious spikes in dark web traffic.

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Investigate ransomware groups on the dark web - Searchlight Cyber

Monitor and investigate ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity teams can also add our award-winning Cerberus investigation product to securely uncover criminal activity on the deep and dark to access threat actor and ransomware group intelligence that was previously unobtainable.

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