Dark Web Traffic Monitoring

Get agentless visibility into live and historical Tor traffic to and from your network, so you can proactively identify and defend against malware installation, insider threats, and data theft.

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Dark web traffic monitoring is part of DARKIQ, a powerful tool that alerts you to imminent threats to your organization.

Empower analysts to defend against:

Malware Installation

Spot the telltale traffic patterns that an actor is injecting malicious code into your network.

Insider Threat

Identify the first signs of insider breach from disgruntled employees.

Data Theft

Get alerted if your organization’s sensitive data is being uploaded to the dark web.

See live Tor traffic going to and from your network - Searchlight Cyber

Monitor Tor traffic: A key indicator of malicious activity

A sudden surge in Tor traffic to your network is a clear warning sign that your organization may soon be under attack. Searchlight offers automated alerts for detecting this pre-attack activity, empowering security teams to proactively stop an attack before it occurs. This approach allows you to effectively remediate attacks, rather than merely attempting to minimize their impact.

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Identify anomalies in your network traffic. Prevent attacks.

Spot malicious activity like large downloads or uploads from your dark web traffic logs. Security teams can then correlate these anomalies with other malicious activity, such as pseudonym posting and criminal activity timelines – allowing you to look for indicators of breach, so you can take action long before attackers get anywhere near your network.

DarkIQ dashboard alert - Find dark web indicators of a breach that might leave you exposed to further attacks - Searchlight Cyber

Boost network visibility with Tor traffic monitoring

Quickly add dark web monitoring using our agentless dark web monitoring product or our powerful API – instantly enhancing your network traffic analysis (NTA) program. Our unique data collection system automatically categorizes and alerts you to imminent threats so you can take action against cybercriminals before they strike.

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Investigate ransomware groups on the dark web - Searchlight Cyber

Monitor and investigate ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity teams can also add our award-winning Cerberus investigation product to securely uncover criminal activity on the deep and dark web and access threat actor and ransomware group intelligence that was previously unobtainable.

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