DarkIQ: Dark Web Monitoring

Automatically monitor for external threats to your digital environments and prevent costly security incidents–against your brand, suppliers, and people with actionable dark web alerts.

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Spot cyberattacks. Earlier. Monitor, pre-empt, and prevent costly security incidents with DarkIQ by Searchlight Cyber.

Spot Cyberattacks Earlier

DarkIQ is your secret weapon, continuously monitoring the dark web for hidden cybercriminal activity—so you don’t have to. Think of us like your automated analyst. We detect, categorize, and alert you to imminent threats so you can take action against cybercriminals before they strike.


Dark web monitoring solution

Your automated dark web analyst

Automated dark web alerts

DarkIQ continuously monitors the dark web for cybercriminal activity. Using advanced AI and analytics, it automatically scans your organization’s attributes, such as domains and IPs, against over 8 million dark and deep web records.

Tailored dark web mentions

Your dark web alerts are always contextualized, with a complete picture of actor, location, and even real-time and cached access to the dark web data directly. This way your team can save time and focus on the real threats.

Best dark web dataset

Draw from the world’s most comprehensive dark web dataset to give your organization unprecedented access to monitor dark web marketplaces, forums, and onion sites, as well as code repositories, social chats, CVEs, domains, phishing sites, and more.

Critical dark web intelligence

Comprehensive Dataset

Understand Your Dark Web Exposure

Get instant visibility into emerging threats through our dark web monitoring tool, powered by our automated data collection, analysis, and alerting. DarkIQ gives security teams the ability to detect previously unobtainable resources on the dark web that cybercriminals might use to execute their attacks, such as leaked credentials and software vulnerabilities.

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Dark web traffic monitoring - a view of inbound and outbound traffic monitoring for a cybersecurity team

Dark Web Traffic Monitoring

Monitor Tor traffic: A key indicator of malicious activity

Get agentless visibility into live and historical Tor traffic to and from your network. Searchlight’s proprietary technology helps security teams detect criminal reconnaissance and insider threats, so you can stop attackers from compromising your network.

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Multi-tenant architecture in DarkIQ - dark web monitoring for business and MSSP

Supply Chain Security


Monitor and manage cyber risks within your supplier network from a centralized dashboard. Supply Chain Security continuously monitors the dark web for the earliest signs of criminals targeting your suppliers and third-party partners, so you can proactively take action and defend your organization against supply chain attacks. 

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Actionable Threat Intelligence

Stop cyber attacks dead

See what threat actors are planning. Spot the early warning signs of attack including insider threat, executive threat, and supply chain compromise before they impact your business.

Woman analyst using the DarkIQ dark web monitoring platform by Searchlight Cyber

Benefits of dark web monitoring

Supercharge Your Security With Dark Web monitoring and Intelligence

Identify Data Breaches

Find dark web indicators of a breach that might leave you exposed to further attacks.


Increase SOC Efficiency

Prioritize alerts based on dark web intelligence that indicates an imminent threat.


Enrich Your Threat Intelligence

With pre-attack intelligence on the reconnaissance threat actors undertake on the deep and dark web.


DarkIQ dashboard alert - Find dark web indicators of a breach that might leave you exposed to further attacks - Searchlight Cyber

Build Threat Models

Based on dark web intelligence on the capability, opportunity, and intent of threat groups.


Enhance Supply Chain Cybersecurity

With visibility into the dark web exposure of suppliers and cybercriminals targeting your third parties.


Inform Incident Response

Investigate the chain of events that led to an attack to inform mitigation and response.


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